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Veganuary is a growing 31-day challenge where you go Vegan for January. This might seem like a difficult undertaking for some of you, but I promise you it is not as tricky as you think, and it is actually a really great way to kickstart the year and refuel after Christmas indulgence.

My boyfriend and I have been doing Veganuary for the last few years and we actually really look forward to having the challenge to rethink our food choices and find new, delicious, vegan recipes. I thought it would be good to pop a few tips up for anyone who is trying it for the first time this year or who maybe is on the fence about giving it a go.

My first advice is to just do it. What have you really got to lose? Give it a try, even if you don’t last 31 days, you might learn something along the way.

Second, visit the Veganuary website. They give you loads of information about why you should try it and there are also recipes to try and guides to eating out as a vegan. The first time I went vegan for January, I used this a lot, and it was a life saver.

Thirdly, own that you are trying something new. Don’t be ashamed to be trying vegan, after the 2020 that we have lived through, we all need a shake-up. OK, so maybe not every recipe will be a winner, but if you learn and develop throughout the month then you will feel really positive by the end of it.

Research vegan alternatives to your favourite meals. This is a great place to start when you are meal planning, I promise you there is a vegan recipe for whatever you love out there. I love a risotto, pizza, lasagne, chilli, fajitas, cake… everything really and I can tell you that in our house we eat like Vegan Kings throughout January.

Check in with how you are feeling. It is important that you are getting the right nutrition, but it really isn’t as hard as you are led to believe. If you are in doubt, there are some great vegan multi-vitamins you can buy to see you through the month. I actually feel much more positive and stable in my mental health, which might also be a placebo, new year, new you vibe – but I will take it!

Take the pressure off. You don’t have to be vegan forever; it might just be the month and that is ok. Try something new, if you love it – then fantastic, if you just take a few habits through with you to the rest of the year, then that is also ok! Life is about learning and developing.

Share your delicious recipes! You don’t have to say they are vegan but use your cooking skills to inspire others to give them a go and you don’t know who might be influenced by you being brave enough to step out of your comfort zone and try something new!

I will be documenting our Veganuary 2021 over on our social media platforms, so make sure you are following us there for daily updates, pics and tips. Whatever awaits us in 2021, may it be empowering, enriching and encouraging for a better future.

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Written by Rebecca Hansell for Small World, Big Cause – December 2020

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