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This festive season will be different for us all. We know that we need to change our ways to preserve the planet and our way of life. Whether you are normally vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, etc, etc, you should try to get some vegan items on the menu over this festive season. Me and my sister are the only vegan/vegetarians in a family of meat-eaters, and although most are understanding and try to accommodate, sometimes they struggle to think of what to serve at family gatherings!

Below are some recipes that are a little more imaginative than hummus and fruit salad, if you have any recommendations, then as always – comment below and share them with the community!

We are almost at the end of a really tough year, so let’s all celebrate in style without our celebrations being at the expense of the planet’s health. Embrace change and growth within our daily lives, whilst also eating pretty damn well!

Happy Holidays all 🙂

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