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I don’t know about you, but I love my treats. Sweet or savoury – anything that feels a little bit naughty is a delightful thing!

When you are trying to live your best healthy lifestyle, the temptation of treats can be overwhelming and often be the cause of going off track. I’ve been there – much more often than I would like to admit!!

Over the past 6 months or so, I have been trying to take control of my lifestyle in an attempt to positively impact my physical and mental health. It’s a bumpy road but I am getting there, it’s not about being a size zero or having an Insta-perfect body – it’s about having good habits and a respect for how important and truly miraculous your body is.

Here are my top 5 treat-swaps that I have embraced in my attempt to live a healthier life. If you have any swaps that you live by, then make sure you comment below.

Chocolate Swap: Options Hot Chocolate

I love chocolate, especially (but not exclusively) in the evening with a cuppa! I can munch through so much without even thinking about it, which is a delicious but unhealthy pursuit. Options Hot Chocolate is a low-calorie alternative and I buy the Belgian Chocolate flavour and it really helps to curb that sweet craving after dinner.

Sweet Treat Swap: Frozen Fat-Free Yoghurt

I love a yoghurt, but they are far too fast to eat so I don’t find that much satisfaction from them when trying to curb a sweet craving. However, if you put the yoghurts in the freezer, you can have individual pots of fat-free frozen yoghurts which are delicious, time-consuming and budget friendly! All the wins.

Toast: Rice Cakes with Marmite

I could live off toast with butter and Marmite. I know some love and some hate, but I love-love-love it. So savoury and so good – a hard thing to replace if that is what you are craving. Now, rice cakes in no way replace the deliciousness of toast but by popping some Marmite (or spread of your choice) on the top, then you get the same flavour whilst still making healthier choices. Toast is fantastic but living off it probably is a bit much… so, an alternative is a good shout.

Flavoured Cider: Diet Lemonade and sugar free squash

I am not a huge drinker. When I do drink, I love a fruity cider – which my boyfriend doesn’t even class as alcohol! However, these are so terrible in terms of sugar etc, so if I can still feel fancy whilst drinking a healthier option then that doesn’t bother me too much. Diet lemonade and whatever flavour sugar-free squash we happen to have around (Summer Fruits is a great one for this), then I can have just as good an evening with a lot less sugar and no hangover! I save the real alcohol for when I am meeting with friends or family, so it has become a real treat.

Crisps: Salted popcorn, rice cakes or low-calorie crisp options

Much with chocolate, I could eat crisps all day. Any flavour, any type – delicious. When actively trying to become healthier I try and limit how many I eat. I try to only have them on a weekend, but I often crave them throughout the week, so I came up with some options that are better for you and have helped me get through the long, crisp-less weeks! Popcorn is a great low-calorie option here – I love salted but there are so many flavours to help curb whatever craving you are having. Rice cakes are another good shout, either with Marmite or sometimes with triangle spreadable cheeses (surprisingly good!) and if all else fails then you can always look for low-calories crisps such as those which are baked or popped, or mostly flavoured air (like Quavers or French Fries!).

I’m not going to pretend that the swaps are as good as the real deal – I get that. However, to get different results you have to do something different. These swaps may not be as indulgent but they will curb the cravings and help you to take control of your health, until it becomes a new good habit that you don’t need to fight to uphold – and remember that living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean that you can’t have treats, it just means that you can’t have all the treats, all the time!

Comment below with your tips of fab swaps that help you get by.

I hope you all are living your best healthy, happy lives – or are at least on the path towards that goal.

Whatever you are facing this week – you got this!

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