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As I am writing this post, in lockdown in 2020, I have just signed up for my third module of my degree – which means that once I have finished this module I will be halfway through my degree! Which feels incredibly exciting. I cannot wait to get back into studying and get stuck into the subject that I love.

I thought I’d take a look back at the modules I have undertaken, before looking ahead at the one I will start in a few months time, as a first step towards getting my head back in the game.

My first module was (U116) Environment: journeys through a changing world.

“Our world is changing fast – we are experiencing pressure from climate change, growing demands for finite resources and the extinction of many plants and animals. Environment: journeys through a changing world introduces you to subjects from the natural sciences, social sciences and technology to develop your understanding of environmental issues and concerns. It shows how people are seeking positive solutions to environmental challenges where you live, in the Arctic, Africa, the Amazon and China.”

My second module was (DD103) Investigating the social world.

“This multidisciplinary module uses a range of learning technologies to help you understand how social scientists investigate the social world. Drawing on the subjects of criminology, social policy, economics, environmental studies, geography, international studies, politics and sociology, you’ll explore a wide range of everyday topics. Through the module’s investigative and thematic approach you’ll learn the methods, perspectives and tools of the social sciences, further developing your analytical and evaluative skills.”

My, upcoming, third module is (DST206) Environment: sharing a dynamic planet.

“Environmental issues pose challenges. What are the biophysical and social causes of environmental change? What exactly is an environmental issue and why are they often controversial and difficult to resolve? How can we make a difference? You’ll address all of these questions as you explore four key global environmental concerns – life, water, carbon, and food – through a rich and interactive set of study materials. As you do so, you’ll develop a distinctive way of thinking about environments and environmental issues that draws on the insights of both natural and social sciences to be at once intellectually innovative and practically relevant.”

I’m excited to see what this next module will involve. In the coming months, before I start the third module, I will be re-reading my old notes and looking into the free OpenLearn resources to get my head back around studying!

Any tips or tricks for studying that you know, then please let me know – I will need all the help I can get 🙂

Written by Rebecca Hansell for Small World, Big Cause Blog.

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