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Me and the #WonderfulSupportiveBoyfriend are currently travelling through South East Asia – which is pretty exciting! I feel really lucky to be able to do something like this. We’ve been here just over a week and we are currently in Thailand. We came into Bangkok and traveled to Koh Samui to spend a much needed week relaxing on the beach. Tomorrow we move to Koh Tao where we will hopefully be doing some snorkelling!

I’ve had a lot of time to think about what I want and what I don’t want out of life over the past week – and I am sure there is much more deep thinking to come between now and when we return to the UK in December. It’s so important to give yourself the space to think and to find your happy place. It doesn’t have to be on the other side of the world, it can be finding a patch of sun in the garden or having 2 minutes to yourself in the car before you enter the house. Find your space to check in with yourself – it’s so important.

I feel like a completely different person outside of London life. We feed off of the energy around us and that sensitivity can make us believe we are someone that we aren’t. I am not an anxious wreck who doesn’t like to go outside or travel on public transport, here I am relaxed and open to the experience of life. I know that sounds incredibly cliched but I am able to let go of my hangups about my mental health, expectations, body image, acne, eating habits and just enjoy being alive because I have chosen to step back and see the bigger picture – which you don’t see when you are in the day-to-day.

I want you all to find a happy place this week, somewhere you can take 5 and breathe in life and check that you are on the path you want to be. The time is now and you can achieve everything and anything you put your mind to but you have to allow yourself a little time and space to put yourself first.

Why not try it and see?

Peace out x

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