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Last night I had the final tutorial for this module of my degree! I have completed my final assignment and now I just have to complete an online test and a final essay. Full steam ahead to the finish line – this module has been tough and pretty stressful at times but I am so proud to be approaching the end.

Once I finish this module, I have 4 more modules to complete before I graduate. The plan is to start these 4 in February 2020 and do them back to back to get the degree finished before I’m 30 – so in about 2 years. It will be a challenge but I have a plan and a #WonderfulSupportiveBoyfriend by my side so I am determined to cross that finish line.

We are moving out of London at the end of this month too, so there is definitely change in the air. We are heading to Bangkok in September and will be back for Christmas – adventure awaits! I’m really looking forward to going somewhere new and experiencing different cultures. Plus, when we come back we are going to start a new life together by the sea. Which I am so ready for.

So, it’s pretty busy here, lots of change but also lots of excitement. I guess just watch this space!

Peace out x

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