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As you know from previous posts, I am finding this module of my degree pretty challenging, to say the least! My second assignment did not go to plan but I worked really hard on improving and I submitted my third assignment feeling a little bit better about it but still lacking a bit of confidence on how well I was tackling the material.

However, I received my third assignment back and I got 90% !!!! I think that I am in a bit of a state of shock, to be honest – that was not what I expected at all! It is exciting and a relief to know that it is possible to get my head around the material! Now I just have to keep up the hard work for the next few assignments and keep focussing on the bigger picture and what I am working towards!

The next assignment is a little more focussed back on the environment so I am happy that it will be more in my learning comfort zone and I can take this result and run with it.

There is still a long way to go to get my degree but I feel like this was a really important milestone and a great challenge to overcome on my journey to graduation!

Wish me luck x

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