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This week’s blog is a little bit of a self-promo…. sorry not sorry!! I have been working hard on a new project! Sistery History is a new podcast that me and my friend Rhea are launching next week!!

We have been working on it for months so it is really exciting to launch it and put our hard work out there. The premise for the podcast is that we tell the stories of women that we cannot believe that we haven’t already heard of!

These are women who have had an impact on the world but their stories aren’t well known and we are seeking to change that! We are launching on Monday 13th May 2019 and to celebrate the launch we are releasing a new episode all next week – so that is 5 new episodes to see you through next Monday til Friday. Then after that we are releasing a new episode every 2 weeks.

If this sounds like something that floats your boat, then you can find us on all the usual social media (just click the following links!)




We are also looking to hear from our listeners about the stories of incredible women in their lives – who is your inspiration and why? Have a relative or friend who have done something badass and think the world should know? Then drop us an email – – and you could hear your story read on a future show!

Have a lovely week all! 🙂 x

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