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Award Acceptance: Friday 3rd May 2019.

I was nominated for ‘The Versatile Bloggers Award’ by I Blame Your Dad Blog and I am delighted to be able to accept the award. Before I get into the acceptance part of this post, I would like to first tell you a little bit about the blog that nominated me. 

I Blame Your Dad is an environmental blog that describes itself as “a scrap metal mom blog” they used their nominations to highlight the work of environmental bloggers, which is incredible. In their blog, they cover the “Go Green Movement” and the benefits of recycling to the world around us. They offer accessible advice to lessen your impact on the planet and it is definitely worth a read. 

Now for my acceptance. I am so excited to be able to accept this blogging award. For those of you who do not know what this award is a recognition from within the blogging community for bloggers who show a high quality of writing, explore a variety of unique subjects and show a high level of passion and love for the words that they write, meaning that they bring something special to the lives of their readers.  I am honoured that anyone would nominate Small World, Big Cause for something such as this. 

I love this blog, I love writing it and researching content to give to my readers and viewers. I am working so hard behind the scenes to bring new types of content and to create significant value for everyone who comes across this site. I hope that this is the start of things to come! So thank you all for reading the site and for engaging with the articles that I write. It really does mean the world to me. 

As part of my acceptance, I get to nominate 5-10 bloggers that I think also deserve the award. My nominees and the reason for their nominations are listed below.

Congrats all! 🙂 Keep up the good work. 

1) Learner Vegan –

This blogger is a great advocate for giving being a vegan a try. I am not 100% vegan but I do try to make vegan choices wherever I can. This blog is a great place to look for resources, recipes, reviews and a realistic view of what it takes to take the leap into veganism. 

2) The Good Life With Amy French – 

This is one of the first blogs I came across when I was looking for others in my niche. They are all about zero-waste living and create a sustainable way to live our day-to-day lives. With great recipes for cleaning products, consumables and even an Etsy store to help you on your way to a zero-waste life. Make sure you head on over and see what changes you can make. 

3) The Adventure Playlist – 

I love travel. It’s something that I aim to do more in the years to come, what better than to plan my trips based off the experiences of those that have paved the way!?! This blog has travel advice and tips and itineraries, it is a great catch-all for your inner travel-bug. Visit their site and start planning your next getaway… 🙂 

4) Seeking Wild Sights – 

This blog is everything that I am about! Living in a van that they made a home whilst getting out into nature and photographing the incredible world around us. With tips and views on a variety of topics, it’s a great blog to browse through whilst you sip on a cuppa. 

5) Feminism In Print – 

This blog came to my attention through my upcoming podcast Sistery History (shameless little plug there, sorry!) Feminism is a topic that I am trying to actively educate myself on as much as possible. Feminism In Print takes a look at a variety of issues such as social media, being an introvert, book reviews and so much more. She is definitely worth a read to anyone who has an interest in feminism – and if you are a decent person then you should be interested! 

Congratulations to all who I have nominated – please keep doing your wonderful work. It’s so important that we use the platforms that we have to keep pushing goodness out into the world. The world is a scary place, particularly right now, so anything we can do to help people keep the faith is vital. You rock. Your blogs rock. Keep being awesome. 

Peace out x 

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