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The second essay of my second module towards my degree was due today. It’s submitted but it was a challenging one! This module is tackling a lot of subjects that are new to me – which means that my brain is working really hard to figure it all out. I know that getting a degree is never easy but this is probably the first point of the journey so far where it has been a proper challenge.

I was quite happy with my essay – which compared and contrasted the idea of home, through a sociological, social policy and criminology viewpoints – but I am sure there will be room for improvement. What I am trying to focus on is the thrill of the journey. I am learning new skills and I am not always going to ace it everytime but that is ok.

Things are looking up here at SWBC HQ, I have taken huge risks over the past few years to get myself on a path that will hopefully lead me to a happy life. I believe I am getting there now, it’s hard work but it’s so so worth it.

Who knows what result I will get for my essay, but it’s still early days on my degree journey so as long as I can learn from this and continue to improve then it’s worth a bit of stress and a few late nights!

Thankfully, I have been reasonably good with time management and, as always, I have a brilliant support system around me. I now live with my #WonderfulSupportiveBoyfriend – which brings new challenges when finding time and space to study but we are making it work and I really couldn’t do any of this without him or my family.

I am ready for adventure, and with every assignment that I submit along this path to earning my degree, is one step closer to being able to have the life that I want for me and those around me.

It’s like they say – nothing worth having comes easy.

Peace out xx

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