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I am officially about a month into the second module of my degree! This module is a lot broader than the one that I did last year, it deals with issues that contribute towards the environmental issues that we hear about every day. It covers economics, social policy, criminology etc. which are really interesting but definitely outside of my field of knowledge.

It a challenge to say the least!!

My first assignment was on the use of public debt to fund development in China – which was a lot to get my brain around but I managed it and I got 79% on my essay, which isn’t a bad start to the course! I’m pleased but, as always, there is room for improvement!

I’m currently learning about the different ways to view ‘home’. It’s been really interesting to see how others view it. For me, thankfully, my home has always been a safe place that I can rely on and that is filled with people who love and support me – however, this is not always the case.

It’s also taught me about the different kinds of property that can be called home – owned housing, private rental, social housing etc – and the impact of your housing on other aspects of your life. As someone who grew up in a home that my parents owned and having since privately rented (in London where it is many things but definitely not cheap!), I can see some of the pros and cons of owning your own property rather than renting off someone else. But it does also make me wonder about how my generation might view home-ownership. As a generation that notoriously rebels against the norm and refuses to be tied down, are we going to truly see a Generation Rent as some experts predict? It’s interesting food for thought.

Other than trying to wrap my head around this module, I have also been working hard with my new business and I am pleased that it is going well so far – just got to keep working hard and seeing where it takes me!

Honestly, I am exhausted and poor but I feel empowered, happier than I have been in a long time and my creative juices are able to flow freely – which is worth having to watch the pennies for a few months whilst I find my feet. This is definitely a brave new world for me but I am excited to where it might lead and I am happy that you lovely lot are along for the ride.

Take strides to be your best self today. It’s easy to put things off but it feels so damn good to take action and take control of your life.

Peace out x

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