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Hi all,


I am delighted to say that I have officially finished my first module towards my degree!!! On Monday night I submitted my final assignment and yesterday it was received – which means I am done until January, when I begin my second module and do it all over again!!


Getting the last assignment in was tough, because my anxiety has been really friendly again recently, but I did it. I am really proud of myself with what I have achieved this year alongside battling my ongoing mental health issues, and I hope that I can be some sort of inspirations to others who are trying to change their lives.


Me and the wonderful, supportive boyfriend celebrated last night with a meal out and a well-earned glass of wine and I feel ready to take on the next challenge.


Now, onwards and upwards, we are trying to figure out what we want to do with our lives and where we want to be. I am sure there will be lots of discussion and decisions made over the next few months but I am hopeful that we will find our place where we can be happy. Until then we will keep finding joy in the little things and taking step after step towards our goals.


For now, I am just pleased to be able to focus on other things now that my module is done and hopefully bring you all some new, original content.


Peace out, SWBC x

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