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I got my latest assignment back from my degree this evening. I was a little bit nervous about this one, it was the first full essay that I had to write. The first essay I have written since I was 18 – so a while ago! It could have been a complete disaster!! But thankfully it wasn’t – I got 88% 🙂

I am so happy, so relieved. It’s been a really trying week with my anxiety so it is a great start to the weekend to know that, at least with this, I am doing well!

I am in tonight working on the blog and studying – my next topic is China. Which will be really interesting because I don’t really know anything about China! So I am excited about that. Working on optimising the site to make sure I am offering you the best content and getting the most out of this platform.

I am drawing a line under this rubbish week and looking towards the future and all the wonderful things I am going to do with my life! Feeling positive.

Watch this space!

Happy weekend all, get out into nature and be happy.

Peace out, SWBC x

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