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Just popping by to apologise that I’ve been a bit quiet recently. I am busy working towards my 5th assignment for my degree which is all about the Amazon Basin – so it’s super interesting but keeping me tied up – it’s due on Tuesday so hopefully once I have that submitted I will be able to deliver some more top-notch content!

I am also working hard learning about the different ways to maximise this space as a platform, so that I can spread the world-saving message to as many people as possible! I am currently working with Kate McKibbin and The Secret Bloggers Business team and I am learning so so much. I hope to be able to give you bigger and better content over the coming months.

But…. this leaves little time for anything else! I am living on a coffee high right now, but hopefully short-term pain for long-term gain!

Whilst you are patiently waiting for my new content to come along, remember that you can follow me on all the usual social media platforms – all links at the bottom of my site!

Thanks for sticking with me, it’s a long but worthwhile journey 🙂

Peace out, SWBC x

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