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I am back from a wonderful week in the sun with my lovely, supportive boyfriend. It was so nice to be relaxed and switched off from the 9-5 routine of everyday life.

We literally did nothing for the week. We ate good food, we drank, we lounged in the sun, swam in the pool and read the books that have been sat on our shelves for the past few months. It was bliss.

Obviously it went by far too quickly, as is always the case! But what I took from it is that we need to remember to take time out of our routines to reconnect with the world, with nature and with eachother. Whether it be at the beach or in a park or a forest. Fresh air does us wonders and sets us up to face whatever life throws at us.

So whether it is a holiday or just an afternoon, try to make some time to reconnect and relax.

Now I am looking forward to whatever lies ahead for me, hopefully more adventures are just around the corner.

Peace out x

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