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March has been a hectic one here at SWBC HQ. My second assignment was due on the 27th March – which also happened to be my sisters 30th birthday. So I had been writing it inbetween celebrations, which was tough and exhausting, but I got it done and submitted on time.

This assignment was about carbon footprints and reducing our impact on the planet whilst still being able to live a full life. This is such an important topic to learn about, as something has to change about the way we are living.

There is an argument to be made that accepting climate change and making changes to our lifestyle will not only benefit the planet but also give us a better quality of life. With 1 in 4 people currently experiencing a mental health problem every year (Mind, 2017) then surely we are doing something wrong with our day to day existence? This assignment definitely gave me food for thought.

I am now home at my parents house for the Easter weekend and am working hard on the next topic which is the Arctic. I am really excited to learn about this amazing habitat and ecosystem. So watch this space for what I am learning – hopefully April will be slightly less hectic!!

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