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So my first assignment has come back and I got 78% – which I am really pleased with! I’ve had some time to read the comments and think about where I go from here and I think I would like to aim to get 80% plus on all assignments going forward if possible.

That’s based on the comments that my tutor made on my work. Apart from a few stupid maths mistakes (maths is NOT a natural talent of mine!) it’s basically just adapting my writing style to fit the academic level I’m at now, so that should be quite easy to do.

I’m quite relieved at this result because it means that I am actually understanding what I am reading – which when you are distance learning can be a little uncertain!!

I’m still finding it interesting and I am really looking forward to whatever is coming next.

The next assignment I think will be quite maths heavy as I am currently calculating my carbon footprint etc so it will be a few weeks of massive amounts of brain power, but to be honest – even though it is hard – I am enjoying being challenged.

Generally feeling pretty good about it all right now – which is a lovely, albeit alien, feeling for me. I’m starting to think about my career and the future and what I really want from my life and I feel really good about this journey that I have started.

Taking 78% as a big win and going to celebrate with a glass of wine this weekend!

Peace out, SWBC x

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