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So at the weekend I submitted my very first assignment towards my degree!! I’m feeling pretty good about it – I just have to wait for it to be marked and returned to me now. Which is a little scary but it’s only the first one – so I will either know I am on the right track or know where I need to improve so I’m trying to focus on that.

I was quite daunted at the thought of the first assignment, it’s been basically 8 years since I was at school so I was worried that I would be really out of practice with my writing. I remember reading the questions on the first week of the course and thinking “oh my god, what have I got myself into?!” haha – but as the weeks went on, I kept re-reading the questions and they didn’t seem so scary. By the time I actually started writing my assignment, it was actually quite enjoyable putting pen to paper to talk about what I have learnt so far! Also, I had my first tutorial last week – I chose to have an online tutorial so I didn’t have to travel but it was really useful. It’s a great space to ask any questions about the upcoming assignments or anything that you have reading about. I think as the content of the course gets more challenging then they will become so valuable.

I have been doing this degree for pretty much a month now and so far it’s going so well. I really think I have made the right decision in taking on this challenge and I am really excited where it might take me. It’s still scary and there is still a long way to go but it’s interesting and I am enjoying the challenge and that is half the batttle won.

Plus, I have an amazing support system around me whilst I get used to this journey so I am very lucky in that sense. My boyfriend has been amazing and so understanding that now he has to share me with my text books! (between you and me, I think he is quite enjoying having some time to himself!) and my family is happy that I am happy and it’s all going well.

Now, I just carry on with my studies whilst I wait for my assignment to be returned. It’s good to have other things to focus on and I will make sure I let you know the outcome of my work! For now… onwards and upwards!


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