Short Reads

These articles are great if you are just grabbing a quick 5 minute break from your busy to-do list and you want something to give you food-for-thought to get you through the day. Enjoy!

A Day Out: Hanwell Zoo

Written 30th August 2017

Hanwell Zoo, in West London, is a great place to visit to get your nature fix! Take a look at my experience there when my boyfriend took me for a day out! 

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Woman In The Mists By Farley Mowat

Written 27th December 2017

This book looks into the story of Dian Fossey would spent her life protecting the mountain gorillas. 

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Spotlight: The Mountain Gorilla

Written 15th January 2018, photo credit Dian Fossey.

Mountain Gorillas are an  endangered species who we should be taking steps to protect. 

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7 Simple Ways To Do Your Bit

Updated 9th April 2018

There are small acts that we can incorporate into our everyday life. Here I cover 7 simple things that you can do now.

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Looptail By Bruce Poon Tip

Written 4th June 2018

Bruce Poon Tip is the founder of G Adventures. They are an adventure travel company who look after the locals of the countries that they visit.

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Spotlight: Reindeer

Written 7th June 2018

Reindeer are a fantastic species. I touch upon some of the many fascinating facts in this spotlight piece on the species. 

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Climate Change - The Facts

Written 25th April 2019

Climate Change – The Facts was shown on the BBC in April 2019. It featured David Attenborough and interviews with experts, showcasing the most pressing issues of our time. I take a look at what it teaches us.

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Where To Find Delicious Vegan Recipes...

With the UK and the world coming around to the challenges we face to reduce our carbon emissions and save the planet, we take a look at veganism and point out where to get started.

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The Versatile Blogger Award

It is with great happiness that I accept The Versatile Bloggers Award. 

Read my full acceptance and my nominations for other worthy blogs here

Review - The Lorax

Written 16th May 2019

I watch the children’s film ‘The Lorax’ to see what it teaches us and how it can teach children (and adults alike!) the importance of the world around us and the impact that nature, or the lack of, has on our lives. 

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