The Save The Planet, Save Yourself Challenge! 

The Save The Planet, Save Yourself Challenge was created in May2020 amidst the COVID19 lockdown.

Participants took significant steps towards a more fulfilling and sustainable life. It was decided that we would do a couple of ‘live’ rounds of the challenges per year, but make the resources available all year round for those who are open to change.  

Every day for 30 days, the aim is to do one thing that benefits ourselves and one thing that benefits the environment. These tasks for ourselves might include things that we have been putting off, new hobbies that we’ve been meaning to try, or just making more time for the stuff we love to do – anything that makes our life more fulfilling. The tasks for the environment might include exploring recycling options in our area, researching ways to reduce our household waste or learning about an environmental topic that is new to us and that we can share with your networks. 

The tasks can be as big or as small as we like. Even small steps in the right direction is progress! 

Life shouldn’t get you down, it should be a joy and you should be aware of the impact you have on the environment and the world around you. We can live a life that is fulfilling and sustainable, but it isn’t going to happen by accident. 

Taking part in the Save The Planet, Save Yourself Challenge is a fantastic place to start, allowing us the time and space to make long-term, significant, positive change. 

Sign up for the challenge using the form belong and join a community of people who believe that there is more to life and that they can do more.

You are incredible.