Long Reads

These articles require a nice cuppa and maybe a cheeky biscuit, get comfy and dive into some longer reads which will help you understand current topics and get your brain going, helping you form your own opinions on these matters and hopefully share with your friends and family!

How Can We Save The Planet By 2030?

Written 14th May 2018

I went to a debate hosted by Earthwatch. It was really interesting – share in what I learnt whilst I was there.

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Sumatran Orangutan Society : SOS

Written 27th May 2018

SOS are a small charity who are achieving big things. I had the privilege of finding out more about what they do.

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Sudan - A Year On

Image credit BBC.

One year after the death of the last Male Northern White Rhino, Sudan, we look at what we have learnt and how we can continue his fight towards conservation. 

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My Reindeer Diaries: Free-roaming Feelings

Coming Soon

30 Before 30

I set goals for making the most of my remaining 20s by creating a “30 Before 30” bucket list. Why not take a look and maybe make one of your own!?

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The Blue Planet Revolution.

I take a look at the impact that Blue Planet 2 has had on the UK, and the globe, since it was aired in 2017.

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