Glossary Of Terms

Sometimes when I am reading there are words that escape me, or I understand them in context but want to clarify them for myself. On my Facebook Page, I pick a new word every Wednesday to define and explore it. Please tune in to chat with me, however, if you miss it I will post the words here so that you can catch up over a cuppa at a later date! Enjoy 🙂 


Anthropocene – is what many scientists believe is the current geological age. This period is defined by the impact that humans have had on the planet.

“Human activity has literally changed the face of the planet, leading us into a new geological age. Believed by some to have started in the industrial revolution, we are now living in the Anthropocene era.” 


Biodiversity – is a contraction of the two words “Biological” and ‘Diversity”. It describes the variety of species that are found around the world and in the different ecosystems that make up the planet. 

“Modern human life is threatening the biodiversity of the planet. Habitat loss and a rapidly changing planet are causing mass extinction which is disrupting the balance of life on earth.” 


Circular Economy – is the sort of society that we should work towards. It embraces the idea of using, recycling and reusing the resources that we have (in contrast to the throwaway culture that we currently live in: see linear economy).

“Working towards a circular economy means to create a sustainable society: use, reuse, recycle.”

Common Resources – are natural resources that we all have access to. For example air and water. The overuse or pollution of these resources has wide-reaching effects that affect us all. 

“The new factory had created a thick smog over the town. The community were outraged by this pollution and petitioned for their right to reclaim this common resource and restore it to being clean and fresh.”



Endemic – the term used to describe a species that is only found in one specific eco-system on the planet. E.g. many species found on the Galapagos Islands are endemic because they have evolved to have unique adaptations that aren’t found anywhere else on Earth. 

“Marine Iguanas are endemic to the Galapagos, they are the only species of Iguana that have evolved to be able to forage for food in the sea.” 





Invasive Species – is a species that is introduced to an ecosystem that is non-native. This can be an issue because the introduction of new species into an ecosystem, they can cause economic and environmental harm plus can negatively impact human health. Also called; alien species. 

“Grey Squirrels are an invasive species in England, they are native to North America and were introduced by the Victorians. They hugely depleted the population of native Red Squirrels due to food competition, fast breeding and also the introduction and spread of a virus that proved deadly to the native population.” 




Linear Economy – is how our society currently runs. It’s basically a fancy way of describing a throwaway culture. 

“Today we live in a linear economy, which is simply summed up by create, use, dispose.” 








Realism – is an attitude towards a situation where you are prepared to recognise it for exactly what it is, without any preconception or bias, and are able to deal with it in an effective, acceptable manner. 

“Realism is a growing attitude in today’s society. Every day people are refusing to live a life which is ignorant of the world’s problems. They are seeing the issues for what they are and are influencing and creating solutions.”

Responsibility – is the recognition that you are accountable for something. This can be in an environmental sense and conserving the world around us for future generations. It can also be used to describe our social responsibility in creating a suitable living environment for those around us. 

“By accepting responsibility for our actions and decision, we are able to see the impact that we are having on the planet and make a change that will create a lasting and significant impact on environmental issues such as the climate crisis.” 





Veganism – is a dietary and lifestyle choice in which the individual does not use or consume any product that is considered an “animal product”, in simple terms this is eggs, dairy and meat products. 

“Veganism is a fast growing food trend in people who are waking up to the health, environmental and moral benefits of a plant-based lifestyle.” 





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