Small Feet, Big Steps

My name is Rebecca Hansell and I am the creator of Small World, Big Cause. At 25 years old I decided my life was going nowhere fast and that it was only going to change if I was brave and took the leap. 

Now, approaching 30, I am understanding more about how having a healthy planet, healthy body and healthy mind, all come hand in hand. It is my hope that this blog can help others to find their way.

Small World, Big Cause was created to be a space where I can document my journey towards learning more about the world around me, my place in it and how I can minimalise my impact on the planet, and how this can lead to a more fulfilling life. It is my hope that by showing you how easy it can be to educate yourself, that you will join me on this journey and we can learn from each other. Plus, we could create a community of kick-ass people who are willing to do what they can to help save the planet and themselves! You’re already here, so you are already pretty awesome if you ask me.

So, who in the world am I? 

I’m just your average person really. I left school at 18 to pursue my drean of being an actor and for 7 years that’s what I did. When it was good, it was brilliant – I studied at LAMDA, one of the top drama schools in the world, and I met some lifelong friends, I toured Germany for a year performing Shakespeare and met my wonderful, supportive boyfriend but something was missing. I was apparently living the dream but it left me unfulfilled.

So I made a change. 

I began working in the charity sector in 2015 and worked my way up from unpaid intern to manager in under 2 years – I proved to myself that I could do 9-5 and be a “proper adult” but decided it wasn’t for me. So in late 2018, I quit my job and in early 2019 I launched my own business (RedKite Assist) and dedicated myself to this blog!! 

On top of that – because I didn’t have enough to do! – I am currently studying towards a degree in Environmental Studies with The Open University. I have decided to dedicate my life to making the world a better place, however I can. I suffer from anxiety and depression, and not only has this journey given me a better direction in my life but it is also helping me to become more than my mental health diagnosis. 

I currently live with my wonderful, supportive boyfriend – who you can see is a rather handsome fellah from this dorky pic of us! 🙂 ———> 

When I started this blog, we were living in West London and trying to find our way to a life that we enjoyed. It’s tricky when you live in a city where you never have enough money! So in late 2019 we left our flat and went travelling and now we currently live back in the UK but now have a beautiful flat by the sea. 

Every day I am learning something new about myself and the world around me and it’s exciting! 

With a new lease of life and a great support system around me, I am on course to reach some of my life goals; to graduate from a degree I am passionate about, to see the world, to find my path and to enjoy life to the full! 

We met touring Shakespeare in Germany and it’s been an amazing adventure ever since! #WhenYouKnowYouKnow 

The further that I get into my studies, the more I discover how many wonderful, intelligent, inspirational people there are all around – it has really helped to restore my faith in humanity and to see the world a little bit brighter than before – I suggest a love for nature to anyone who will listen! I have also learnt so much about my own mental health and how best to manage it – through a lot of trial and error – so now I want to share what I have learnt with others. I firmly believe that there is a fulfilling and sustainable life out there for us all, we just have to be brave enough to take the steps to reach it. 

Not sure where to start on your journey? Look no further…

Why not try my review of “Woman In The Mist” by Farley Mowat, which tells the incredible story of Dian Fossey trying to save the Mountain Gorillas. Reading this book was a huge inspiration to me, and really opened my eyes to issues surrounding conservation. 

You could also look at my discussion on a debate I went to see in early 2018 which was run by Earthwatch and was entitled “How Can We Save The Planet By 2030?” – it gives great insight into the top priorities for the planet and how we can best utilise our powers to save the world. 

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Keep your eyes peeled like a banana for all my exciting upcoming adventures and endless shenanigans! 

Peace out, SWBC x 

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Quote To Live By:

“Never Doubt That One Person Can Make A Difference.”

– Ingrid Newkirk