Taking on a challenge, such as Veganuary, can feel a little bit daunting – especially if it is your first foray into veganism and alternatives. The internet is an endless source of delicious vegan recipes that you can try, so I encourage you to put together your own meal plan that suits what you love and will allow you to try vegan alternatives to any firm favourites in your household.

However, I have pulled together some recipes that we have tried and tested (which have become favourites for us!) and also some recipes that I have found that I think sound delicious and will be trying imminently! This 30-day meal plan includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and treat/snack ideas that you can mix and match, or batch cook etc. Play with it and make it work for you!

1Breakfast Bars (On-The-Go)Med Veg CouscousFalafel WrapsPeanut Butter Bites
2Breakfast Bars (On-The-Go)Med Veg CouscousLoaded ChipsPeanut Butter Bites
3Breakfast Bars (On-The-Go)Med Veg CouscousMushroom Stroganoff PastaPeanut Butter Bites
4Breakfast Bars (On-The-Go)PhoPasta BakePeanut Butter Bites
5Breakfast Bars (On-The-Go)PhoSatay Stir FryPeanut Butter Bites
6ShakshukaPhoSausage & MashPeanut Butter Bites
7ShakshukaFruit SaladKimchi Fried RicePeanut Butter Bites
8ShakshukaFruit SaladChilli & RicePeanut Butter Bites
9ShakshukaFruit SaladVegetable SoupGarlic/Cheese Dippers – Garlic Bread
10ShakshukaBruschettaShawarma & Med VegGarlic/Cheese Dippers – Garlic Bread
11Toast – Butter/Marmite, Peanut Butter, Marmalade, Jam, etc. BruschettaPotato Curry & RiceGarlic/Cheese Dippers – Garlic Bread
12Toast – Butter/Marmite, Peanut Butter, Marmalade, Jam, etc.BruschettaVegan PicnicGarlic/Cheese Dippers – Garlic Bread
13Toast – Butter/Marmite, Peanut Butter, Marmalade, Jam, etc.Pasta SaladM’hannchaGarlic/Cheese Dippers – Garlic Bread
14Toast – Butter/Marmite, Peanut Butter, Marmalade, Jam, etc.Pasta SaladPepper Bake & Crusty BreadGarlic/Cheese Dippers – Garlic Bread
15Toast – Butter/Marmite, Peanut Butter, Marmalade, Jam, etc.Pasta SaladSweet Potato Shepherd’s PieRed Velvet Cake & Butter Icing
16SmoothiesMuffinsGarlic & Soy Stir FryRed Velvet Cake & Butter Icing
17SmoothiesMuffinsSpaghetti BologneseRed Velvet Cake & Butter Icing
18SmoothiesMuffinsLentil Dahl, Bombay Potatoes & Flat BreadsRed Velvet Cake & Butter Icing
19SmoothiesQuiche & SaladVegan Burgers & Rosemary, Sea Salt Chips Red Velvet Cake & Butter Icing
20SmoothiesQuiche & SaladCauliflower Steaks & Herby BeansRed Velvet Cake & Butter Icing
21Beans On ToastQuiche & SaladVegetable PaellaRed Velvet Cake & Butter Icing
22Beans On ToastVegan Omelettes & VegTopped Flatbread/ Vegan PizzaToffee Apple Upside-Down Cake
23Beans On ToastVegan Omelettes & VegSpaghetti & MeatballsToffee Apple Upside-Down Cake
24Beans On ToastVegan Omelettes & VegJacket Potato & Baked BeansToffee Apple Upside-Down Cake
25Beans On ToastNut Bars/FlapjacksBean Chilli & RiceToffee Apple Upside-Down Cake
26Vegan Full EnglishNut Bars/FlapjacksPulled Jackfruit & VegToffee Apple Upside-Down Cake
27Vegan Full EnglishNut Bars/FlapjacksFajitasToffee Apple Upside-Down Cake
28Vegan Full EnglishRainbow Spring RollsPie & MashCinnamon Buns
29Vegan Full EnglishRainbow Spring RollsAny Day BBQCinnamon Buns
30Vegan Full EnglishRainbow Spring RollsMushroom RisottoCinnamon Buns
Obviously some things are repeated, that is because they are things that make multiples or will be worth having multiples of as they are cheap or buying/cooking in bulk will help with budgeting and reducing food waste.

Enjoy and make sure you take pictures of your vegan triumphs and tag us on social media, so that we can celebrate your food-based successes together!

Any good recipes that you want to share? Make sure you comment below.

Some of these recipes don’t need to be explained, and those that do can easily be searched for on the internet for the recipe that most floats your boat. Below are some of the websites that I have used and recommend.





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