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Recently I have been really listening to my soul. I can easily start to fixate on what I look like and what clothes size I am and if I am having a skin breakout. Recently, I have tried to focus on something deeper than that, what will make my soul happier?

I’ve focussed on watching what I put into my body, and really asking myself what I really want, rather than just what I am craving. I have also been doing something to move my body everyday – nothing too hard. Everything being manageable, taking small steps towards a better self – whether that be a short run, some yoga or just some stretching if I feel a bit tense.

I am finding yoga a particularly interesting area of study. It gives you a break from the hectic nature of the day-to-day and reconnects you with your body and your soul. Me and my #WonderfulSupportiveBoyfriend have a lot to deal with over the coming month and it’s easy to get stressed and overwhelmed but by taking time out to do yoga, I am taking time out for me. Which is vital to maintaining focus and motivation.

Another thing I am trying to monitor is what media I watch and listen to. What am I watching on Netflix? What am I reading? What podcast is playing the background? I love a thriller, a drama, something a bit dark – but it’s so important to make sure that I don’t bury myself within that. When I am into something, I do a deep dive and I really feel what I am consuming. So it’s vital that I balance the dark with the light so that I don’t lose myself.

This week I think you should take a look at what you are inputting into your soul and make sure that you are looking after yourself.

Do one thing every day that makes your soul glow and share them with your nearest and dearest so we can all share the love and get a little bit brighter every day.

Peace out x

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