So, we have been back from Peru for about a month now and we officially have the travel bug!! There is going to be a lot of big changes in the lives of my #WonderfulSupportiveBoyfriend and myself over the next 6 months or so – which we are really, really excited about.

We are going travelling in September and not coming back until Christmas, so I am looking forward to bringing you lots of exotic content over those months and beyond! Then in the new year we are relocating out of London and are going to try living by the sea – which is something that we have wanted to do for a while, so keep your eyes peeled for information about the big move in 2020!

We know that not everyone has the ability to take off and go travelling but even if you can just make plans to visit somewhere nearby to where you live over the weekend. Do something different and break free from your routine!

Adventure is out there!!