Woah. I have had a super busy time recently! A good time, but certainly a bit hectic.

I visited Portugal to see one of my closest friends get married which was so incredibly beautiful. It was a perfect day and was really emotional to see people I care about so much be so happy to spend the rest of their lives together 🙂 Congrats Natalie & Giles!

Then I had a really hectic week getting back into work and setting up everything before I went on another adventure – it was a tough, full-on week but I did it. I set things up to tick over with my business whilst I was away, I had an assignment due whilst I was away so I needed to do it before I left, prep for the holiday and generally just get my life together!!

Then I headed to Peru!! I was there for 2 weeks and I went with my #WonderfulSupportiveBoyfriend, my sister and my brother-in-law and we trekked the Inca Trail and it was incredible and exhausting – it’s been about a week since we got home and I would say that I am only just recovered!! I will be putting up some articles and photos etc. from our time in Peru in the coming weeks so do keep an eye out for them.

But now I am back and I am getting stuck back into the blog and everything else that I have going on. I do feel rejuvenated and thankful for my experiences over the past month but I definitely have some post-holiday blues. With every new adventure, it makes me take a look at my life and evaluate what I have and what I want. Life is a learning curve in itself and I am dedicated to riding that wave and getting everything I can out of this crazy old life!

More adventures are on the horizon for me and my #WonderfulSupportiveBoyfriend and I cannot wait for what is going to come our way. Our lives are pretty up and down because neither of us really know what we are doing!! But we are happy together and happy to see what opportunities present themselves to us along the way.

For now, though, being back and recovering from the intensity of life recently has made me think about how to look after myself and give myself the room to take in everything that is happening around me. I am really taking control of my diet and eating healthy, I’m trying to stay active after the trek by running, yoga and gym classes and I am giving myself a break if I’m not feeling 100%.

I put together some self-care tips that went up on my Facebook page yesterday if you want to check them out – click here.

Take time for yourself this week and plan a new adventure, whether it be something small or large – make it something for you and reignite that spark that makes you so special.

Peace out x

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